August 12, 2022

49 Days of Hearing God: Day 1

Twenty years ago my friend and mentor to many in Memphis, Nancy Holcomb, shared a book with me. Today, I talk about the simple prayer I learned from that book that I still use daily when I am talking to God and listening for God’s voice.

"Jesus, quiet every voice but yours."

Each day we’ll talk about how to hear God for yourself and I’ll give you tools that have helped me grow in the practice of two-way prayer.

Today, try taking one minute to pray this prayer and listen for what God speaks back to you. Don’t wait for the perfectly quiet hour, you may not get that today. If you do, amazing! But you can practice this prayer and listening easily in the middle of whatever is going on. Take 30 seconds and dive in.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how to take what you think God is saying to you and check its validity.

With hope,

Cayce Harris

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