We help people connect with GOD

You were created for Connection.

The world is more digitally connected than ever, yet we have become increasingly disconnected from ourselves, God, and each other. The superficial connections our culture offers us leave people feeling deeply unsatisfied. Our goal is to help people live and lead from identity and connection to God.

The ONE Journey

Everything we do at One revolves around The One Journey framework. Our One Circle community, guided retreats, connection prayer, workshops, and group training sessions all focus on teaching the life changing practices and principles of the framework.

We are all created to live in connection to God and discover who we are. Thats the human journey we are all on together. Thats why we call it The One Journey.

We help leaders find connection. 

Our framework offers tools and guidance to help people connect with and follow Jesus.  We help people, leaders and organizations rediscover identity and connection with God through simple prayer practices.

The One Journey has been a series of invitations to leave behind the question, ‘What should I do?’ and ‘Who should I be?’ to instead ask ‘God, how do you see me?’ and ‘How have you made me?

Jay Heck

Being Sons

The world is full of cheap connections. 

Our fast paced modern world has left us living disconnected from God and ourselves.

At One we help leaders step into the identity and connection with God they were created for. For 20 years we have helped people find healing and freedom through our prayer house and events. Starting in 2020 we began transforming how we serve people by focusing more energy and time on practical tools for spiritual formation. Our goal is to help people live and lead from identity and connection to God. By walking with people for multiple years we can see real transformation in their lives, vocation and communities. 

About One

Consecutive months on the journey

Courses can be complete in 3 months or experienced at your own pace. You decide!


Stages of creation

The One Journey follows the model laid out in the 7 days of creation. Each day represents a stage in the journey.

Hear from people on the journey

Jon Chen
Boston, MA

"What happened to me along the ONE Journey is that I learned how to be one with Him, to stay in Him, and to co-create and partner with Him vs. being told what to do. This experience grounded me in abiding in God."

Cathe Graves
San Antonio, TX

“For years I have asked God to speak to me. I joke about being so dense that God has to hit me with a 2x4 to get my attention. ONE has helped me to recognize his voice. I realize that He has talked to me all my life and now He has opened my ears. What a blessing!

Lance Elliott
San Antonio, TX

“In 78 years, 70 of those active in the church, you can’t imagine how many discipleship programs I have been through.... I just finished the one I wish I had done 40 years ago. In the ONE Journey I received and was able to share more than on all my previous ‘experiences.’

How will the ONE Journey impact you?

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