A Testimony of Connection

These past two years (2020-2021) have been a time of profound disconnection unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Much has been said regarding isolation and its ill effects, but few, if any, creative solutions have been put forward.

My ONE work schedule changed with the Pandemic; I had more alone time and work was more sporadic. It’s difficult to synchronize or form a pattern of connection with others when things are sporadic, especially when friends’ work schedules are fluid as well. And, I realized, not just any old connection will do. Deep down, I think we are all searching for relationships with people who know us, who care about us, who are not just interested in fixing us or checking a box off their to-do list, people who are truly present when we are together. God created us to connect this way, as body of those who follow Jesus together.

Recently, I have been reaping the benefits of connection. At ONE we put a lot of emphasis on connection, even referring to our most basic prayer as “Connection Prayer.”  My recent connection points are compliments of our first two ONE Journey groups. ONE Journey is an extended experience with others who want deeper connection with God, with others, and within themselves. In between two retreat experiences, we have a weekly Zoom meeting, and we can connect daily on an app that allows us to leave brief videos for one another. I have noticed an uptick of peace in my life since engaging in this way. I also feel less stressed by the things that inevitably come up in everyday life. I have noticed that worry is diminishing as well. These good results have been building over the past month and a half, and they are proof to me that the efforts to connect with people who also want connection is worth the effort.

In addition to the ONE Journey, we have other ways to connect at ONE. We have a Hearing God Zoom on Mondays from 12 to 1. We also have drop-in prayer on Tuesdays from 12 to 1.

Or try out this short interactive time with Jesus:

Ask Jesus what connections are benefiting you in this season.

Then ask Him how to enhance and strengthen those connections.

Ask Him to make you aware of new connections He has for you, and to show you how to go about developing them.

I pray we’ll all be reaping more of the benefits I mentioned earlier in the months to come.

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