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The One Journey is all about helping people live a life of practical oneness. But what exactly is oneness? It all goes back to John 17.

This is the only time in the Bible that we get a glimpse of Jesus's conversations with God, His Father. What does He pray? That you and I would be one, in the same way that He and God were one. But what does that mean, and how does it apply to us in our day-to-day lives?

Jesus showed us the path to being one with God, and he called it discipleship. Jesus's disciples followed him around, talking with him and learning from Him. Unfortunately, in our modern Christian world, we have lost connection to the voice of God. If we can't hear God, then discipleship doesn't work very well.    

The One Journey is all about making discipleship practical for our modern lives so that people can live in daily oneness with God. We offer teachings, guided prayers, and coaching to help people connect with God, find freedom, and understand who they were created to be. But The One Journey is about so much more than content and teaching. It's about walking the ancient path of discipleship together daily in our modern lives. After two years of leading people on the One Journey in-person and online, we are excited to share The One Circle with you.

The One Circle is a community focused on pursuing and sharing practical oneness together. This community is built around three things, connection to God, connection to each other, and sharing the invitation of oneness with others. We will be offering Circle members weekly group coaching and teaching calls to ask questions, practice listening, and discuss how oneness impacts our lives. Members will also be invited to workshops to go deeper on core drivers, practical oneness, hearing God, and how to foster a healing community in their sphere of influence.

We are thrilled about how God is expanding what we are doing as we begin 2024. We are committed to continuing to go wider and deeper this year. Wider means reaching more people with the invitation of practical oneness. Deeper means more connection and stronger relationships with the people who share our heartbeat for practical oneness with God.

To get started we want to invite you to attend a Hearing God call so you can see what the One Circle is all about. Enter your info below to sign up.

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