we believethatyou were created for oneness with god.

We are a ministry that helps people connect with God through prayer.

The heart of The One Journey is found in JOHN 17. This is the only time in the Bible that we get a glimpse of Jesus's conversations with God, His Father. What does He pray? That you and I would be ONE in the same way that He and God were ONE. We are committed to living all that Jesus Prayed for us, and all that He made possible for us through His life, death, and resurrection. We are here to help you connect to God, hear his voice and live from practical oneness with your creator.

The One Journey is a growth experience led by the team at One. The Journey is broken into seven stages with teaching videos, guided activations and live virtual workshops.

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About The Journey

Our team

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Practical oneness brings real freedom

I highly recommend the ONE Journey to anyone who is seeking a closer relationship with God.

Marlene de Leon Lew

What happened to me along the ONE Journey is that I learned how to be one with Him, to stay in Him, and to co-create and partner with Him vs. being told what to do. This experience grounded me in abiding in God.

Jon Chen

God used the ONE Journey retreat to help me find myself in Christ. What impacted me themost was feeling the intensity of the Love of Jesus permeating through everyone!!!

Elisagrace Riebeling

The One Journey has been a series of invitations to leave behind the question, ‘What should Ido?’ and ‘Who should I be?’ to instead ask ‘God, how do you see me?’ and ‘How have you made me?’

Jay Heck

Join other People growing in oneness with GOD

“The One Journey has been a series of invitations to leave behind the question, “what should I do?” and “who should I be?” to instead ask “God, how do you see me?” and “How have you made me?””

“The ONE Journey is the undoing of the layers of our false self to discover the divinely unique way I was created to show up on the earth. The space created by Cayce and Rosalind is the safest place I’ve experienced with a group of people - WOW! All of it. Just wow! Life Changing!”

“The one journey blew my expectations out of the water! I didn’t know I would experience such freedom and insight into my own life on top of the deep connection with others. It was a model of what can be. Showing up as yourself in community really changes us!”

“On the ONE Journey I experienced beauty, rest and wonder in deep, deep ways! I haven’t felt peace like this in years. I’m excited to live fully free and invite others to come along the journey with me!”

About ONE

What is ONE?

We are a ministry based in San Antonio, TX that works alongside people and organizations from every corner of our community and around the world. We offer prayer appointments, courses, and workshops to help you grow in your relationship with God.

As a team, we are committed to helping people live wholeheartedly, connected to God and each other.

How did ONE get started

In 2004 Jack & Anna Marie Sheffield, Bitsy Rubsamen, and a group thoughtful friends knew that San Antonians were looking for a place to experience and process the power of Jesus to heal all parts of us: body, soul (mind, will, emotions), and Spirit. At the time, there wasn’t a place to learn about prayerful physical healing. Nor was there a space dedicated to the healing of life’s wounds through prayer. After years of missionary work abroad, it was time for the Sheffields to return home. Their passion and experience of God’s goodness launched a local movement where heaven touched earth. Anyone could come with questions, hurts, needs, or desires to experience the healing Presence of Jesus. The Sheffields opened Christ Healing Center (Now called ONE) in rooms graciously furnished by Christ Church and Alamo Heights United Methodist Church. It wasn’t long before 135 W. Olmos Drive became our official home.

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