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the One Journey In-person.

The One Journey experience helps you make oneness with God practical for your daily life through a 7 day group journey. You will experience and learn how to unlock the potential and power of your extraordinary life in God. 

Join us In-person for 7 days!

"Who are you? What are you doing here? Are you living in the full potential God has designed for you?" These are foundational questions we will explore together.

The One Journey is an experiential prayer and mentorship program led by the team at ONE. Through teaching, mentorship, and guided prayer, you will experience connection with God, discover your identity, and dive into living your calling.

The Journey consists of two workshops spaced a few weeks apart. The first workshop is three days, and the second workshop is four days. We will meet on Zoom for one hour each week between in-person gatherings.

The One Journey is all about walking together, making oneness a practical part of our daily lives, and unlocking the unique way God created each of us to live. Together, we practice living from connection to God.

I highly recommend the ONE Journey to anyone who is seeking a closer relationship with God.

Marlene de Leon Lew

Join us In-person for The One Journey Experience


Personal Transformation - unlocking your untapped potential and the powerful life you are meant to live. The practical experiences of connection with God that you experience on the Journey will change the way you move in relationship with yourself, others, and the world around you. 

Purposeful Community - you will experience personal growth and learn how to nurture ongoing growth in yourself and others. You will also walk away with new close friendships from sharing this life-changing experience together. 

Freedom - Your time on The Journey will help you experience freedom in mind, heart, and body like never before. 

Answers - Your life has been shaped by foundational questions. On The Journey, we will uncover powerful answers through prayer and listening. Once you know who God made you to be and how he made you to live, you are forever changed. 


Workshops at the beach

The first workshop is three days and the second workshop is four days. Workshops will be held at The Mustang Island Retreat Center.


Stages of creation

The One Journey follows the model laid out in the 7 days of creation. Each day of the workshop represents a stage in the Journey.

Hear from people on the journey

Jon Chen
Boston, MA

"What happened to me along the ONE Journey is that I learned how to be one with Him, to stay in Him, and to co-create and partner with Him vs. being told what to do. This experience grounded me in abiding in God."

Cathe Graves
San Antonio, TX

“For years I have asked God to speak to me. I joke about being so dense that God has to hit me with a 2x4 to get my attention. ONE has helped me to recognize his voice. I realize that He has talked to me all my life and now He has opened my ears. What a blessing!

Lance Elliott
San Antonio, TX

“In 78 years, 70 of those active in the church, you can’t imagine how many discipleship programs I have been through.... I just finished the one I wish I had done 40 years ago. In the ONE Journey I received and was able to share more than on all my previous ‘experiences.’

Stories from the One Journey

Felipe Guzman Story

“My life has been blessed exponentially since coming to know more of God. In my life I havetried to get the best of everything I could get my hands on, but somehow it never filled the voidwithin me. It never brought joy or happiness. Somehow, I knew that God was and is looking outfor me and my best interests. Having been brought up in a Spanish/catholic culture, I alwayshad the questions of ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Why does my walk in life bring me a lot of pain andtears?’ These questions created doubts within me. Somehow I would feel love for others but notfor myself. I grew up without my actual birth parents living instead with my grandparents. Thiscreated abandonment and animosity issues within my mind but not in my heart. I knew thiswhen I found out that my parents had died. I still shed tears for both of them even though Iactually never knew them. When God placed me in this ONE Journey walk with others, I finallygot to understand by listening to Jesus’ words through my heart. It has benefited me greatly.What stood out for me most was finding out my core drivers…Walking with God through theONE Journey I have been so blessed. I thank God for this opportunity everyday. The journey isa discovery of John 1:1, ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and theWord was God…’” - Felipe Guzman

Karen Jones Story

“I came to ONE believing I was broken and believing lies I have heard about myself for a longtime. I know now that the only thing broken was my thinking and my ability to believe the lie.ONE has given me the most wonderful gift I believe I have or could ever receive since receivingthe Lord, the ability to hear God. What a joyful blessing. I will treasure and share this with othersto the best of my ability. ONE has taught me what community means and that I DO BELONG!!They loved and accepted me in, with and through all my imperfections. I could truly come as Iam and I found out I am loved. I have always put up a front that I could handle it on my own.ONE and ONEsource taught me that I was never meant to walk this life alone. Today, I’m notwalking alone, I have a family that loves me and accepts me for exactly who I am. They gaveme a place of total safety where I could let go and let God. They gently walked with me throughthe pain of my past to the beautiful future God has for me. I’ve still so far to go and grow buttoday I know I’m not alone. I have a family and community that loves me! 1 Thessalonians5:23-24 describes what I experienced during the ONE Journey - Now may the God of peacemake you holy in every way, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blamelessuntil our Lord Jesus Christ comes again. God will make this happen for He who calls you isfaithful.” - Karen Jones

Lance Elliott

"In 78 years, 70 of those active in the church, you can't imagine how many discipleship programs I have been through. Year-long men's Bible study, Stephen Ministry, Alpha (17 times), retreats etc, etc, etc. I just finished the one I wish I had done 40 years ago. In the One Journey I received and was able to share more than on all my previous 'experiences.' The teaching, practicing, the presence of Jesus, listening and conversing with Jesus, and sharing across intergenerational, male and female, and socioeconomic levels was a Kingdom experience. Thank you." - Lance Elliott

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