7 days of hearing God

Learn to hear God in less than a week
7 emails over 7 days to help you hear God's Voice

Learn how to hear God's voice in just 7 days through 7 short videos that will be delivered to your inbox every morning! We have helped thousands of people hear God's voice often for the first time. Find clarity, healing, purpose and direction through two way conversation with God.

What to expect

How Anyone Can Hearing God
(you already do).

Daily Topics: 1. You already do hear God. 2. Practical Practices. 3. Hearing God Chart. 4. Avoiding Dogma. 5. What to do when you get nothing. 6. Rest & Reset. 

What you will learn:

1. You’ll discover the way you already do hear God’s voice (and cultivate it!)
2. You’ll learn simple practices that fit easily into your day-to-day schedule that grow your awareness of your authentic self and your connection to God.
3. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot when you feel “blocked.”
4. You’ll come away with guidelines to avoid going off the rails and to develop a life-giving, healthy practice of hearing God.
5. Learn to get unstuck from a boxed-in lifestyle of “shoulds” and step into the freedom you were designed for.

This email course is designed to be a simple introduction to what we teach on The One Journey. Each day can be completed in 5 minutes or less.

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Meet your Guide Cayce Harris

Cayce Harris will be your guide for the 7 Days of Hearing God. She has taught and led inner healing prayer teams for the past 20 years. Cayce Harris is a speaker, spiritual formation coach, creator of The One Journey Framework, author of Mind Alchemy, and co-author of The One Journal. Over the past ten years, she has served thousands through her work with One, a nonprofit that helps people connect with God and supports leaders. Alongside the team at One, Cayce has taken her 20 years of inner healing experience and created best practices for healing: the Connection Prayer Model. She serves as Director of The One Journey, is an oil and acrylic artist and mother of 5. 

About ONE

What is ONE?

We are a ministry based in San Antonio, TX that works alongside people and organizations from every corner of our community and around the world. We offer prayer appointments, courses, and workshops to help you grow in your relationship with God.

As a team, we are committed to helping people live wholeheartedly, connected to God and each other.

How did ONE get started

In 2004 Jack & Anna Marie Sheffield, Bitsy Rubsamen, and a group thoughtful friends knew that San Antonians were looking for a place to experience and process the power of Jesus to heal all parts of us: body, soul (mind, will, emotions), and Spirit. At the time, there wasn’t a place to learn about prayerful physical healing. Nor was there a space dedicated to the healing of life’s wounds through prayer. After years of missionary work abroad, it was time for the Sheffields to return home. Their passion and experience of God’s goodness launched a local movement where heaven touched earth. Anyone could come with questions, hurts, needs, or desires to experience the healing Presence of Jesus. The Sheffields opened Christ Healing Center (Now called ONE) in rooms graciously furnished by Christ Church and Alamo Heights United Methodist Church. It wasn’t long before 135 W. Olmos Drive became our official home.

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